Friday, April 2, 2010

I Heart Liberty of London

Until I'm doing lots of riding (and probably even when I am), I've made the executive decision--as pretty much the only reader of my blog so far--to post other stuff that's totally off topic but brings me as much joy as the bike. Which leads me to.......the fact that I've been missing my parents a lot lately. Usually I'm mad at my mom and getting along well with my dad, or vice versa. But I really miss them both now, for some reason. I'm sure after a week with my mom in Santa Fe for her 70th birthday, I won't feel so nostalgic. For now though, I wanted to share a pic of little gifts I bought for each of them. I think I'm about 8 years old right now; a tie for my dad and a little notepad for my mom. They used to bring Liberty stuff to me from trips to London when I was little. Dig the print on the tie.


  1. Liberty of London biker-girl. There is something eccentric here. Good.

  2. It is pretty eccentric, come to think of it!