Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Dirt for the Diva......yet

In typical Colorado fashion, we went from an overnight snowstorm to absolutely blue and clear skies all in the span of day. I covered my bike just in time for the snow, and now that it's going to be lovely and 70 degrees all weekend, I have to be a good girl and get my taxes done: last minute as usual. Maybe late-day Sunday I can get over to Golden for a quick ride around an agility course Dave set up for me, including tight circles around prickle bushes. Fun! I'm thinking of joining a dirtbiking club so I can get more experience riding in a group. Looks like it's going to be Pikes Peak training on Saturdays and dirtbiking Sundays this summer--can't wait!

And there's a new member of the family, picture below. I'll like him more when there's a backrest. I'm such a baby when I ride as a passenger!

Also, just talked to my dirtbike hero and friend Malcolm Smith, who's still out riding like the legend he still is--at 70! Here he is with Steve McQueen in the classic motorcycle documentary, On Any Sunday:

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  1. What a life: running on Saturdays, dirt biking aka the worship of the open road, on Sundays. Carry on!