Saturday, April 3, 2010

Motorcycle Problem 1 and 2

The only drawback to having the bike is having to resist the temptation to ride it when I'm meeting necessary deadlines. But at least I can see it in the backyard; trying to resist its beckoning is tough, especially on a perfectly cool, sunny Spring day.

So that's the good motorcycle problem. The bad one is that last night I was riding on the back of a Harley with someone I typically trust, and he was not treating me like precious cargo (what an ex biker boyfriend in California used to call me when I was riding with him). If he wants to ride like a crazy man with his friends (who ride hard but in a super disciplined pack and not crazy) no problem. But if I'm with him, it's not OK by a long shot. He apologized; he just got a new bike yesterday and it is a thing of beauty. But so are the years I have left in my life. Over and out.

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